Aquasana EQ-400 Chloramines Whole House Water Filter with Installation Kit

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AQUASANA RHINO EQ-400 Whole House Water Filter System (with Pre and Post Filter)

New in original box. Made in 2012-2013.

Location: China. The buyer pays the shipping.


Installation instruction:


2. Remove the red shipping caps from the inlet & outlet ports on the main housing.

3. Precondition the unit by "surge flushing": It is very important that this system is flushed properly prior to final installation. The granular carbon medium used in the bottom tank contains 1-2% by volume of carbon fines that should be flushed out prior to use. The best method for purging these carbon fines from the media bed is "surge flushing": Using the supplied adapter, connect a garden hose to the inlet port so that the water will flow into the system and out of the outlet port. Slowly turn on the water and allow the discolored water to flow from the outlet into a bucket or drain. The first few gallons will appear black and cloudy due to carbon fines. After an initial 15 minute flushing, begin a period of "surge flushing." Turn the water supply on for 30 seconds and then off for 30 seconds repeatedly for 15 minutes or until initial surge of water is completely clear and free from discoloration and cloudiness. Once the unit has been properly flushed, be sure the white washers are properly set inside the inlet and outlet ports. Disconnect it from the garden hose and position it for final installation.

4. Turn off main source water supply prior to installation.

5. Install the unit to the main water supply using the supplied components. Do not over tighten fittings, as this may cause leakage and broken fittings. Do NOT use pipe dope. The use of pipe dope voids the warranty. You may use NSF Certified pipe primer, glue and plumber's tape. Leave two-three threads exposed and do not exceed seven layers of plumber's tape. More than seven layers will cause the nipple to crack and leak.

6. IMPORTANT: The inlet piping assembly (valve, pre-filter, main filter unit, union and nipples) must be firmly braced and supported. 

7. Once installation is complete, slowly turn the water on and inspect for leaks.

8. Once the unit is installed and checked for leaks, open the water faucet closest to the installed unit and allow water to run for 5-10 minutes for the final flushing period.


SKU: HT161226LX-004 + HT161226LX-006 + HT161226LX-019

SKU HT161226LX-001 -006 -019

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