About us

100outlets.com is a Professional Industrial, electronic & electrical, and fashion products online-retailer with source from the auction of China Customs Confiscated goods. 100outlets.com is Famous for China Customs Confiscated Goods retailing business on Internet. We have lots of hard to find industrial products and amazing top branded fashion products. Most of our products are from the Auctions of China customs seized goods and other legal authority confiscated goods. All products are limited stock. If sold out, we can't get more.
There is customs handling time before the auctions, usually more than one year. Then some products are out of manufacturer's warranty time. After the receipt, the buyer can use the SN to register the products and check if the waranty still avaliable. We can not gurantee the buyer can get service from the manufacturers free of charge. We provide a 15-days return service, count from the date of delivery finished. 
With hard works of our professional employees, we try our best to make sure all our products are original and authentic, no fakes, no copys. Most pictures are taken in our warehouse, what you see, what you get usually. All products are kept in our own warehouse for sale. Visit or Pick-up is welcome. Warehouse address: No.77 Xin Cheng Road Hou Cheng Xin Cheng Development Zone ,Jin Gang Town ZhangJiaGang City Jiangsu Province 215631,China 
If you have any questions, please contact us at 2944048308@qq.com . We will keep adding new items. Please keep our site as one of your favorite sites.

ATTN: We do not accept paypal now. We accept payment through wire transfer. And we accept RMB payment via wechat pay or Alipay. Crossborder buyer, please contact for total costs.