Shipping Cost and Time

Same day dispatch

If your order is paid before 4PM (Beijing Time) then it will leave our warehouse in The China the same day. Orders placed in weekends or on Chinese public holidays will be shipped the next business day. We will sent you an email when your order has been dispatched. If your order is sent with UPS we will email your tracking number as well.


Shipping cost

We are working with UPS, Fedex, China Post Registered Air Mail, EMS, china post air parcel, ePacket which has proven to be a very reliable carrier. If there there are any issues with your shipment please contact me us  and we will try to help out.

In the table below you will find our shipping cost to various countries with UPS Standard. The exact shipping cost will be automatically shown in the check out process of our shop. Besides UPS Standard you can also choose for shipping via Fedex, China Post Registered Air Mail, EMS, china post air parcel, ePacket.


ePacket is fast and with tracking number but only availiable for package weight less than 2KG. Chart for reference.





Largest Weight






 start form 70g


$3.35/pc+ $0.011/g




$3.35/pc+ $0.011/g




$3.35/pc+ $0.011/g




$3.35/pc+ $0.011/g




$3.35/pc+ $0.011/g




$3.35/pc+ $0.011/g




$1.52/pc+ $0.016 /g


 start from 50g

Saudi Arab

$3.96/pc+ $0.008/g




$1.22/pc+ $0.016 /g


 start from 50g


CHINA POST EMS  official price in RMB ($USD)
  *First 500g Additional 500g
Docu M
Zone 1 90 ($13.85) 130 ($20) 30 ($4.62)
Zone 2 115 ($17.70) 180 ($27.7) 40 ($6.16)
Zone 3 130 ($20) 190 ($29.23) 45 ($6.92)
Zone 4 160 ($24.62) 210 ($32.3) 55 ($8.46)
Zone 5 180 ($27.69) 240 ($36.93) 75 ($11.54)
Zone 6 220 ($33.85) 280 ($43.08) 75 ($11.54)
Zone 7 240 ($36.93) 300 ($46.16) 80 ($12.31)
Zone 8 260 ($40) 335 ($51.54) 100 ($15.39)
Zone 9 370 ($56.92) 445 ($68.46) 120 ($18.46)
  • 1. The new price standard takes effect as of 10th April, 2010.
  • 2. Merchandise item with a maximal weight of 500g can be charged as document.
  • 3. For CHINA EXPRESS items, when the volumetric weight is higher than the actual weight, the postage should be based on the volumetric weight. The formula for volume weight is length (cm)*width (cm)*height (cm)/5000.


CHINA POST E-parcel (For parcel weight lower than 30KG. To USA Only)

First 0.5kg $10, adding $5 each additional 0.5kg



CHINA POST E-fast parcel


 E-fast parcel (国际e特快)
Location Cost TIME reference weight

Lost / Damaged 


First50g additional 50g
RMB (USD) RMB(USD) working time


(Ukraine, Austrila 



choose the larger from 

the size weight 

and the acctural weight.

ASIA Taiwan (Suspended) 16 ($2.5) 0.6 ($0.093) 2-4 wroking days  
HONGKONG 48 ($7.5) 0.5 ($0.077) 2* shipping costs
Japan 81 ($12.5) 1.2 ($0.185)  
Japan (Promotion) 35 ($5.4) 1.5 ($0.23)  
Korea 60 ($9.23) 0.9 ($0.139)  
Korea (Promotion) 35 ($5.4) 1.2 ($0.185)  
Singapore 70 ($10.8) 1.2 ($0.185)  
Europe UK 70 ($10.8) 2 ($0.31) 5-7working days  
France 105 ($16.2) 2 ($0.31)  
Spain 85 ($13.1) 2.2 ($0.34)  
Holland 91 ($14) 2 ($0.31)  
Russia 60 ($9.25) 4 ($0.62) 7-10working days  
Ukraine 120 ($18.5) 2.5 ($0.39)  
白俄罗斯 120 (18.5) 2.5 ($0.39)  
North America Canada 105 ($16.2) 3 ($0.462) 7-10 working days  
South America Brazil 115 ($17.7) 4 ($0.62)  
  Australia 69 ($10.7) 3 ($0.462) 5-7 working days  




 UPS Standard

Australia   From $51.27*    Austria   $59.05    Belgium   $59.05    Bosnia   $108.73
Canada   From $43.18*   Croatia   $108.73   Czech Republic   $108.73   Denmark   $59.05
Estonia   $108.73   Finland   $59.05   France   $59.05   Germany   $59.05
Great Brittian (UK)   $59.05   Greece   $59.05   Hungary   $108.73   Iceland   $59.05
Ireland   $59.05   Italy   $59.05   Latvia   $108.73   Liechtenstein   $108.73
Lithiania   $108.73   Luxembourg   $59.05   The Netherlands   $59.05   Norway   $59.05
Poland   $59.05   Portugal   $59.05   Romania   $108.73   Serbia   $108.73
Slovakia   $108.73   Slovenia   $108.73   Spain   $59.05   Sweden   $59.05
Switzerland   $59.05   United States   From $43.18*                    

* Indication of cost: For these countries shipment cost depend on your exact location

Your country not in this list?

Your country not in the list? No worries, you can still order in our shop. In the check out process your shipping cost will be automatically added for your country. We were just not able to mention all countries in the world in the table above. That's all! :)


Shipping time

If your order is paid before 4PM (Beijing Time) then it will leave our warehouse in China the same day. Orders placed in weekends or on Chinese public holidays will be shipped the next business day. The exact delivery time depends on the country your are in. An indicaiton of the delivery time with UPS Standard is shown below.

UPS Standard

   The Netherlands   3-5 days
  Belgium   3-5 days
  Germany   3-5 days
  Luxembourg   3-5 days
  France   3-5 days  
  Great Brittian (UK)   3-5 days
    Rest of Europe   3-5 days
    Rest of the World   3-5 days


Feel free to contact us for the exact delivery time to your country.

Please note that the delivery times are an indication for shipments with UPS Standard. UPS Standard is not a guaranteed service, so the delivery time can be +1 working day, occasionaly. If you need a guaranteed service please choose UPS, Fedex, EMS. You will always receive a tracking number from us, so you can check the location of your shipment yourself as well.

We guarantee that your order is shipped the same working day. We are working with UPS which has proved to be a very reliable carrier. However we can not be responsible for traffic jams, bad weather, lazy drivers, wrong typed addresses, you are going out for groceries when the driver arrives, etc. We hope you understand that!


Need it faster?

Need your order faster? We offer express shipments with UPS or Fedex. These options will be shown in the check out process of our shop, if applicable. In doubt which service to use? Just contact us via our chat or at and we will advice you.

Return Policy

We do our best to keep it fair. It is possible the buyer buy the wrong product or the product has fault.  The buyer can always return the products within 15 days after receipt.

Please be aware that:

  • The buyer have to do this within 15 days count from the date of delivery.
  • The product should be in same physical condtion as it is shipped from us.
  • The product should be packaged strong enough to be transited back.
  • If the product has the original retail package, the package should be returned without damage.
  • The buyer is responsible for return shipping. That means the buyer have to pay for returning the product.
  • You will get your money back as soon as the product returned.

We usually accept all return requests and the buyer usually gets a full payment money back. However, if the buyer caused the damage of the product, we hold the right to charge the compensation.