MOOG FAA-PMA Transducer RVDT PN: P691A0001-01 SPL K0648 Boeing (787-8)

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MOOG FAA-PMA Transducer RVDT PN: P691A0001-01 SPL K0648 for Boeing (787-8)

Part Number: P691A0001-00

Alternate Part Number: P691A000100

PMA Holder Name: Moog Aircraft Group

Replacement For: P691A0001-00

Part Name: Transducer, RVDT

Supplement Number: 35

Supplement Date: 11/8/2011

PMA Holder Number: PQ1992NM

PMA Holder's Address: 20263 Western Ave Torrance CA 90501 United States

Make/Model: Boeing (787-8)

Approval Basis: Identicality per 14 CFR §21.303, Licensing Agreement between Moog Inc. and The Boeing Co. File No. 6-1D30-11-DSH-16210-Boeing Proprietary TC T00021SE Dwg No P691A0001-00 Rev B Date 11/15/2006 or later FAA approved revisions

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