Clive Somers Sydney Sunglasses standard and Progressive lens Black/White Frame with light grey lens

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GJ181227-24-0.00 N2-2C 22 GJ181227-24-1.25 N2-2C 12 GJ181227-24-1.50 N2-2C 17 GJ181227-24-1.75 N2-2C 12 GJ181227-24-2.00 N2-2C 11 GJ181227-24-2.25 N2-2C 11 GJ181227-24-2.5 N2-2C 6 GJ181227-24-2.75 N2-2C 6 GJ181227-24-3.00 N2-2C 3
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Progressive lenses solve the age old problem of having to take standard reading glasses off and put them back on endlessly. Or peer over the top of them, like you’re 95 years old.

Standard reading glasses have a single level of magnification across the entire lens. So, you need them to read papers on your desk, but take them off to look at your computer or the person standing in front of you.

With progressives, the surface of the lenses gradually transitions from corrected to non-corrected areas. Your eyes don’t have to “jump” between distances, which can cause eye strain and fatigue. Or deal with obnoxious horizontal lines across your glasses.

Progressive lenses are made with the same lens grinding technology that optometrists use for prescription glasses

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You can choose Traditional Standard lens or Progressive lens.

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