IYOKO INYAKe' IY 423 Fashion Eyeglasses Frame Eyewear Frame

IY423-57 IY423-190A IY423-462
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IY423-57 IY423-190A IY423-462
Details  IYOKO INYAKe' IY423 Fashion eyeglasses frame Eyewear Frame Model: IY423 Color:57 190A 462 Gender: Unisex Frame Belgian Design, Handmade in Japan New sample surplus stock. with dummy glasses. Good physical condition. Very limited qty. The Characters "Made in Japan" are marked intentionly by IYOKO INYAKe'. Handle time: 1 to 2 days .The buyer pays the shipping.
SKU IY423-57 IY423-190A IY423-462

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